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Spiced Popcorn and Date Night Revival

10 Apr


Generally, I’m kind of a hard ass, but occassionally, I am really, really girly about things. Like dates. I love dates. A long time ago, I dated the master of dates: nice dinners at restaurants I’d been dying to check out, impromptu trips out of state, picnics in the park, all night dance parties. It was great. Recently, however, I’ve been a tad bit deprived. My best dates have been with my friends. Folks will look at me crazy when I say, “Yeah, I had a date with so and so.” “Aren’t you two friends?” “Um, yeah. So?”

LOL. Apparently, having dates with your friends is weird.

Whatever. Last night, I had a movie date with my best friend. We have a list of movies we adore or haven’t seen or need to see again. Last night was “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. It demanded popcorn. Yes, how original. Popcorn.

Well, I couldn’t find my popper, or my kernels for that matter, but what we did have was microwave popcorn and a chef’s kitchen worth of spices and such. So we had at it!

Popped the popcorn and then went to town with spices. Nutritional yeast (of course!), cayenne pepper, parmesan cheese, garlic salt and sweet paprika! One day, I’ll make this with air popped popcorn because it’s got to be just heavenly without all the excess gunk of buttered popcorn!

Still as it was, it was delicious! It took us three hours to get through our movie, some tears, giggle fits, potty breaks and heart to hearts. It’s exactly why I’ll always cherish my date nights with my buddies!