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Ambivalence and Peachy Almond Dessert

6 Apr

I uncovered this week that ambivalence is sabotaging my happiness. I am currently a container of incongruent emotions and no amount of yoga, meditation or vino can sort it all out for me. Or maybe it can, I just need to be patient. Well, maybe not the vino. The only thing vino clears up for me is that I’ve really got to stop drinking.

This week’s food challenge item is pecans. I even found a way to be ambivalent about pecans. They would be so tasty in an item. Do I really want to go buy pecans? I don’t want to go to the store. I should really participate this week. And back and forth, indecision taking control of what had been such a well-thought about, delicious recipe (Not to worry, that recipe WILL get posted!). Finally, I gave up, said “fuck it” and decided almonds would have to do.

This interesting ambivalence is creating anxiety in my brain which has also amped up my addictive tendencies. It seems that all I want these days is alcohol, meat and ice cream. Oh, and to go shopping. Definitely not the healthiest mental or physical diet. And definitely not how I want to roll.

I did, however, need to give myself something to placate my anxieties. In these instances, I turn to exercise, meditation and laughter. I went to Yoga for Sobriety so I wouldn’t drown myself in alcohol and decided a coconut ice cream dessert would be the perfect thing to appease my sensitives. And it worked. I sat down with my luscious dessert and watched the latest episode of Nashville. Not funny, but it was engrossing enough for an hour.

The hearty, sweet crunch of the “crust” along with the mild crispness of the shredded coconut and the creamy coconut ice cream was exactly what I needed. I couldn’t believe it when I was scraping the bottom of the glass.

This concoction wasn’t especially pretty. It wasn’t planned or well-thought out. Hell, it wasn’t even the right challenge item. BUT it was a much needed substitute for all the bad things this additive personality was craving. And for that, I give myself a pass.

Peach Almond Coconut Dessert Thingie


1/4 cup raw almonds
1 tbsp coconut oil
3 peach slices
4 dates

1 kiwi, sliced
1 tbsp coconut, shredded
So Delicious Coconut Milk vanilla bean “ice cream”


For the crust, I threw everything in a food processor until mixed. I left this mixture “chunky” instead of well ground, but if you’re pressing this into a pie or something, you’ll definitely need to make sure those almonds (or pecans) are mixed well.

I pressed the mixture loosely into a jar and layered with shredded coconut then the kiwi. This was topped with ice cream and then another layer of kiwi. I put it in the freezer while I ate dinner and then enjoyed. For an impromptu dessert, it was magically delicious!