Why Ginger?

Well hell, why not? It is a beloved food of mine. It’s so spicy and warm and healthy and tasty. Like I hope this blog will be. Like I hope you are.

So welcome. My name is Elle. I am all over the place in my real life. I am a writer, a former academic, and an unrefined foodie. I surround myself with food, thoughts of food, pictures of food, on a daily basis. I have never been “formally” trained, but as I have learned from the world of the university, the most brilliant people often aren’t (I am far, far, far from a brilliant cook. I’m just saying…).

More than anything, I love words. Add to that, the experiences I have had surrounding food in the past and in the present have shaped the woman I am and will grow to be. Food is therapy. Food is love. Food is amazing! And I hope that through the writings on this site, I can share with you many of my experiences with food and the people I meet and perhaps grow to love over the many plates we share.

I recognize that this all sounds perhaps a bit too touchy-feely. Please know, though, that I am no saint or fanatic. I have been known to repeatedly burn my sweet potatoes because I get involved in some fascinating discussion about social theory or so and so’s whatsit. I’m still learning how to wield a knife and thus far have managed to salvage all 10 of my fingers. And you best believe there will be beer and wine involved in this journey. Beer and raw tacos. Because being present with food is hard work. So lighten up and laugh accordingly.

Now… show me your ginger, baby. 😉


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