Chicken Noodle Soup is for Suckas!

7 Mar


People love chicken noodle soup. Despite having made a vegan version the week I was sick, I’m not a big fan. My mom used to cook me chicken and noodles, which I loved, but it’s completely different from what most people conceive when they think of chicken noodle soup. Besides, I don’t eat chicken anymore, so even its connotation as a comfort food is lost on me.

What do I love when I’m sick (besides donuts)? Spice. Heat. Greens. I like to inhale the earth through my tongue when I’m sick. I think it makes me feel like I’ll get better that much faster!

What’s closer to the feeling of earthy goodness than collard greens, cabbage and spinach? Actually, spinach is always just about the dirtiest vegetable in the store, so just by adding that, I upped the earth factor by about 400%!

I didn’t have much energy when I created this soup, and as I said, I just wanted something spicy and full of antioxidants. This is what I came up with. And man was it good! Next time, I think I will make it spicier and add ginger, but this version was delicious all on its own. What do you think?

What I Used

4 cups broth
1 cup water
1 tbsp red miso
4 tbsp garlic
1 tsp red chili paste
1/2 tsp red curry paste
1 tbsp soy sauce (I use mushroom soy sauce)
1 tbsp braggs
2 tbsp peanut butter (I used Earth Balance’s coconut peanut butter spread)
1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1/2 cup parsley, chopped
4 collard leaves, chopped
2 stalks green onion, chopped
1 or 2 handfuls each of red cabbage and spinach
1/2 jalapeno, deseeded

What I Did
As I said, I didn’t have much energy so I didn’t write any directions. It’s a soup though. Sauté some veggies, concoct some broth, taste, adjust, eat. That’s pretty much it. 😉


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