Savannah Lemoned Cod

27 Jan

Lemon Cookies

I’m not one to turn down a good cookie. I’m a big sweets fan. When I found out that this week’s challenge item was Girl Scout Cookies, I had two reactions.

1. What?! they’re selling Girl Scout cookies already?!

2. Fuck, they’re selling Girl Scout cookies already?

I have entered into a serious pact to be fit and trim by my birthday (she doesn’t know how serious I am), and I’m sure the road to hotness is not lined with Trefoils or Samoas.

Nevertheless, I am no sucka punk, and so to the challenge I go. What the hell to do with Girl Scout Cookies?

There’s a lemon Girl Scout cookie, and I immediately thought about fish. Fish goes well with lemon. What could I do with lemon cookies and fish? What can I do with Girl Scout cookies and fish? Girl Scout Cookies can be crumbled. A crumble over fish. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll crumble some cookies over some fish.

Cod In pan

I chopped up the cookies in a food processor with a bit of cauliflower and caper juice to cut the sugar and sweet of the cookies. Then I mixed that with butter, garbanzo flour, rolled oats and nutritional yeast.

Ugh, I would like to say that I rocked the hell out of this week’s challenge, but that would be a lie. In reality, I arrived across the finish line with a hole in the crotch of my pants, missing one arm, with a crocodile attached to my leg. It was not pretty.

Girl Scout Cod

The flavors I chose for the entire meal did not go very well together (cranberries and sweet potato). The crumble itself was not a failure, but nothing to write home about. The fish was good, and therefore, I will be salvaging it by scraping off the crumble and having a real meal.

Girl Scout cookies. What in the hell…


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