Odd combination = Delicious meal

9 Jun

For the past few weeks, I have been in training for work. Strapped to my computer up to eight hours a day. Needless to say, my lunches have been pretty uninspired. Perogies, tuna and Triskets, smoothies. Blah.

Today I wanted something different, something filling, something good.

Last week, I was at the 17th Street Market, a nearby fancy pants place with food overpriced and expensive, when I came across salted seaweed knots. They were on sale for $.99, and so I thought, “Why not?” I could figure out something to do with them. I figured a quick seaweed salad and voila.

Well, I decided today would be the day these little green knots would be put to good use. Not for a seaweed salad, though. Oh no. Not only was I missing most ingredients to make even the simplest of seaweed salads, but I also wasn’t feeling a seaweed salad.

I was feeling the Morningstar Riblets that were in my freezer.

For some heartiness, I add a side of whole wheat quinoa cooked with that tasty, red stuff, saffron. Okay, so I’ve got riblets, quinoa, and… something’s missing. Enters salted seaweed knots, stage right.

Odd combination, I know. Quinoa, fake riblets and SEAWEED!?

I understand, but this is what I did. I threw said seaweed into a bowl and was determined to make something I could eat with the rest of my meal. A quick look into my cabinet produced a can of black-eyed peas. WHAT?!

Blackeyed peas and seaweed. Who would have ever guessed? But it made a delicious salad. I failed to rinse the seaweed as directed on the back of the package, and so my salad is a bit salty, but I’ll know better for next time. Today, however it will do.

It’s been a very unlikely day, just perfect for a delicious, but unlikely lunch.

Blackeyed Pea Seaweed salad

Can of blackeyed peas
about a cup of seaweed
sprinkle of sesame seeds
Umi Plum Vinegar
lemon juice
Salt (if you don’t accidentally use overly salted seaweed)



2 Responses to “Odd combination = Delicious meal”

  1. YinSynchromy June 9, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    Ooh! Would you make this for me? I would have to taste it. And where did you get saffron?!

    • Elle June 9, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

      Sure! I’m eating it now. It’s pretty tasty. And don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been hanging on to the last of the saffron I bought in Spain. Shameful, I know. It’s like a nice bottle of wine. Better to just drink up.

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