Fo Sho

10 Aug

I love Steve Carrell.

Even though I’ve watched the darn movie like 500 bazillion times, the 40-Year-Old Virgin makes me giggle like nobody’s business And have you ever seen the extras? Some of their funniest stuff was totally unscripted! The waxing part? All that was real. And if you look carefully, you’ll even see the tiny tricklets of blood on Carrell’s chest. I believe it was waxing the nipple that drew blood. Ouch. Sucks to be the rich dude.

Anyway, the other night, I believe this was day three of my three-day insomnia fest, I went on a strike against my little casita. I touched not one box, bag or nail. Instead, I sat my tired behind down in front of my television and snuggled in to watch Steve and the crew acting extremely foolish while eating mango ginger tofu and whatever that was I made with it.

It did the trick. I was laughing so hard, I hoped my neighbors didn’t figure out that there was only one voice doing all the roaring. One of my favorite parts is the poker game and the ensuing “bag of sand” line. Gets me every time. And then when the black dude’s girlfriend comes into the store with speed dating notes, talking about, “So you wrote, ‘That girl’s hurting for a squirting?’” and Steve says, “Blah, blah,blah, blah blah. Fo Sho!”

The Virgin’s good stuff, really.

The next day I had cause to get all joyous about pho proper at Miss Saigon on Campbell and Speedway. Even though it’s close to my job, I had never been there before. I’m not sure I even knew it was there.

I went with a new buddy, J, and she guided me through the menu. There were a million and one things to try, and I couldn’t

Good beer.

decide what I wanted. I did, however, make a rather quick decision on a beer. “33.” It’s an export according to the bottle. You should try it. It’s damn tasty.

The food, on the other hand, was not an easy decision. A billion and one things on their menu and most of them including meat. I didn’t scrutinize the appetizer J ordered. What I can’t see doesn’t exist. I didn’t want any non-invisible meat though, and so I settled on crab/shrimp pho. Because seafood is not meat.

Good lord almighty, it was tasty!

I loaded it up with fresh cilantro and sriracha. It was spicy as all get out, but jeez. I could have eaten the broth alone for days. Which I did. It was a huge bowl filled with noodles and imitation crab (I know. I can hear you judging me from here. I don’t care.) and shrimp. And a whole lot of other stuff. I was wading in goodness, flinging spicy juice every which way, intaking huge amounts of air to squelch the fire, and drowning it all out with a wonderful numerically inclined cerveza.

Life was good.

Despite all the orgasmic oohing and aahing, I can’t give Miss Saigon a complete rave review. When I mentioned the place to the Lion King, she reminded me of their sad vegetarian state of affairs. Yes, it was extremely hard to find anything to eat without meat or poultry broth. It seems all but two of their veggie-friendly options have one or the other. For us wishy washy eaters,  there would be plenty to choose from. It’s kinda like when I was in high school and I never quite fit in with one group, so I just flitted about from group to group depending on how I felt, what my hair did that day and how short my shorts were. My eating is kinda like that. BUT, I love vegetarians, one vegetarian in particular, and therefore, they get a big fat boo from me. Can’t be upsetting the Lion King. I know where my loyalties lie.

(Should this raw thing not work out, Miss Saigan, I’ll be back to see you. You know, on the DTL – Don’t Tell the Lion. hehe Kidding. Really.)


5 Responses to “Fo Sho”

  1. Khara August 11, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    how about “i’m very discreet but i’ll haunt your dreams…”?
    jane lynch cracks me up! i love it when her character comes on to andy. gosh, that’d be so awkward. it’s a hilarious movie!
    as fo’ yo’ pho, it looks so delicious! did you like it better than saigon pho?

    • Elle August 11, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

      Yeah, she is pretty fantastic! I think that song was ad libbed too, if I remember correctly.

      My fo’ pho was pretty delicious, but I can’t compare the two since I’ve never had pho at Saigon Pho, just curry. I’ll have to investigate. Wanna play detective?

      • Khara August 11, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

        of course! though i can already attest to the fact that the pho at saigon pho is fo sho, yo. (omg. make it stop.) it’s chock full of tofu and various yumminesses in a nice ol’ steamy (veg) broth and served with the customary fresh herbs and sprouts on the side in very generous portions.
        let’s go! and you can get a coconut (to share with me, please.) 😉

      • Elle August 12, 2010 at 10:24 am #

        Coconut?! You said the magic word. Its a date! Fo sho yo. Okay, yeah. I’m done. Tee hee

  2. YinSynchromy August 12, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    “Eh” to the beer but, Ooooh! Yes. That’s nice.

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