Zumba Day Surprise

1 Jun

Tuesday might just be my new favorite day.

It’s  Zumba day. I work a split shift, leaving around 11:30, pedal like a maniac over to the gym downtown where I change and get ready to shake my ass. Today, however, I was greeted not by the little peppy Mexican chick that usually teaches the class, but by a white dude. Wearing a baseball cap. I am dubious. I give him a sideways look and stake out my usual spot in the back.

What the hell kinda Zumba class was this gonna be?

Come to find out, it wasn’t Zumba at all. It was just a regular ol’ cardio dance class held the first Tuesday of every month. Which would be today. And that initial knee jerk reaction that most of us folks of color have towards white folks teaching any kind of rhythmic dance class turned out to wrong. I enjoyed his class even more than the normal Zumba class.

We breezed through Latin dances, a little 80’s with Fresh Prince, some hey’s and ho’s, a little Stomp the Yard, and he even got a shimmy out of me. He could work it for a little white dude, rolling those hips and popping it like a pro.

While I found myself laughing continuously through the class, obviously enjoying myself, I was just about the only one. Apparently, middle-aged white women have no love for shimmies, popping their collars, being asked how they would do it after too many shots of Patron, or being told to “shake it like you are doing it for money!”

That last one made me crack up in the middle of the class. And shake it just a little bit harder. It seems, though, that the humor was lost on my comrades in the class.

Afterwards, in the locker room, I got a chance to eavesdrop on the others’ reactions from my little cave in the corner. One woman said, “The class was okay. I mean, you know, we’re a hard crowd. We get used to things and want to keep ‘em that way.” Hmm, a microcosm for our world, wouldn’t you say?

For me, it was a nice surprise even though I arrived thinking I was going to Zumba. I will happily be in attendance at cardio dance the first Tuesday of every month. Hopefully, the old bitties (and the not so old bitties) will loosen up a bit and shake it like they were doing it for money. Because after all, what other reason is there to shake it? 😉


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